Connecticut Childrens Large

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the summer program begin and end?
    Our summer program begins June 24 and ends August 31. You must be available to start the week of June 24. Exceptions are not permitted.
  • I have to get a copy of my immunization records from my doctor. Can I submit my application without my immunization records and send them in later?
    Applications missing any of the required forms and documentation outlined in the application will not be considered for placement. Please submit your online application only after your Immunization Documentation form has been filled out and signed by your physician.
  • What is the minimum age to become a volunteer in the summer program?
    As a medical facility, we are required to maintain that all volunteers are at least 15-years-old by January 1st of the current year. In order to have patient contact, volunteers must be at least 18-years-old.
  • What opportunities are available for 15-year-olds during the summer?
    Volunteers who are at least 15 years old can participate in various clerical assignments throughout Connecticut Children's. Placements are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. only. Weekends are not available.
  • Will I be able to observe any doctors or nurses while participating in the Summer Program?
    No, the Volunteer Program does not allow you to shadow a nurse or physician in their work. Please note that our volunteers provide services that are strictly non-clinical and are not able to shadow nurses, doctors and clinicians, or to take vital signs and observe procedures.
  • How will you communicate with me?
    All correspondence will be through email. Please make sure that emails from '' are not blocked. The email address provided on your application should be current and monitored. If you do not have an email account, please create one before submitting your application.
  • My son received an email to schedule an interview. He's so busy with school and sports! He asked that I call to set up his appointment and check to see if there's anything else he needs to do.
    We do encourage even our youngest volunteers to take responsibility for their part in the application process, because they are the ones who ultimately need to make the commitment to our program. Any inquiries regarding the volunteer process or the status of an application should be made by the applicant.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Yes. Volunteers are required to abide by the professional dress code policies of Connecticut Children's. Volunteers cannot wear shorts, skirts or dresses above the knee, jeans, scrubs, leggings, sweatpants and open-toes shoes/sandals. More details are provided during orientation.
  • What are the interviews about? Does everyone get one? Why are they done?
    This is a popular program and there are limited spaces available. The interview gives us an opportunity to meet each other and for you to see the medical center environment. It might help you decide if this is the right place for you to volunteer, and we can be assured that we are accepting individuals who will be well-suited and committed to the program. Unfortunately, not everyone will be contacted for an interview due to the amount of applications we receive. If you don't receive an interview or a position, we encourage you to reapply next summer.
  • How many weeks of volunteering are required during the summer program?
    To be most effective and successful, volunteers must be committed to the program. We have minimum commitment requirements for each volunteer program and ask that you please review all requirements before applying. Our summer program requires a commitment of three hours per week for a minimum of eight weeks to be completed between June 24 and August 31.
  • Can I volunteer more than once a week?
    We begin with one shift per week. If you are consistently available for that first shift, you may discuss adding a second shift with Volunteer Services. There are also times that we need extra help or someone needs coverage for a scheduled vacation. Those opportunities will be shared via email.
  • I'm a college student and will be available to start my volunteer commitment in May. Can I apply for the summer program?
    Our summer program begins Jun 24 and ends August 31. If you are available to start in May and have completed all placement requirements, we'd gladly have you start in May. However, an eight-week commitment must still be fulfilled between June 24 and August 31.
  • I have a family vacation planned in July and then I'm going to band camp. Can I still participate in the summer program
    All summer volunteers must be available to start the week of June 24, without exceptions. If you will need to miss more than two weeks, we suggest that you postpone volunteering until you're able to meet the eight-week commitment.
  • What if I am unable to fulfill my eight-week commitment?
    Reference letters and/or verification of hours will not be provided unless the volunteer has completed the agreed upon hours of volunteer service. Volunteers who do not fulfill their commitment will not be invited to return to the program the following summer.
  • I'm busy during the day. Can I still volunteer?
    Yes! Some areas within Connecticut Children's need volunteer support in the early mornings, evenings or on weekends.